santorini villas


Welcome to our collection of Santorini villas and cave houses. Our website is a collaboration of villa owners in Santorini. Devoted to the well-known Santorinian hospitality, our accommodations offer a combination of tradition and luxurious touch. Therefore, your Santorini vacation will be unforgettable, relaxing, accompanied by stunning views. The authentic architecture is our villa’s greatest asset and many of our accommodations are more 100 years old.

Enjoy your luxurious vacation in Santorini with BEST RATE GUARANTEE.

santorini villas

DAILY CRUISEs on kaiki boat

One of the most memorable experiences during your vacation in Paros. We can arrange on your behalf a private or semi-private daily cruise on a traditional caique boat. There is a variety of destinations as well as BBQ on board.

Paros Villas


A daily cruises to places accessible only by boats is an unforgettable “thing to do” on your vacation in Paros. Let us arrange this adventure for you and create new memories on your holiday on our island. We can also arrange a safe and quick transfer for you from/to another island. 

Day trips from paros


Enjoy a cruise to another island with style and luxury. In Parian Collection we can arrange on your behalf a yacht charter for you and your family or friends.

Paros Villas


Paros Island features many beaches and places which you can visit. If you choose to rent a car, it will be easier and more comfortable to reach them. Parian Collection will assist you with finding a suitable car for your vacation on Paros Island.

santorini villas


Admire Paros and nearby islands from above. This is definitely an experience to share with friends back home.

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