Sueno Sunset MINI Villa



Suenio Sunset Mini Villa is situated in Parasporos area, about 2 km away from Parikia, the capital of Paros Island. It features an indescribable panoramic view of Parikia Bay, of ships arriving to our island and of course, the view of the sunset. The outdoor built-in jacuzzi will transform your stay to an experience. Additionally, the sunbeds will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself. There is an outdoor sitting area as well. Indors, Suenio Sunset Mini Villa is equipped with all the necessary modern amenities. It follows an open plan philosophy and it features a double bed, a bathroom with shower and two sinks, a built-in sofa which sleeps one person, a small kitchen and a sitting area.



Due to the fact that Suenio is a mini villa, or suite, its living area is quite simple. In its 33 square meter area you will find a double bed, a built-in sofa bed, a small kitchen, a sitting space and a bathroom. However, it will feel spacious and you will be impressed by the design.


The outdoor space of Suenio Sunset Mini Villa is petite yet impressive. The main attraction is of course the view, rarely found on Paros Island. The jacuzzi will help you to relax while enjoying the view of the sunset or of the ships entering Parikia Bay. Next to the jacuzzi, you will find sunbeds.  Additionally, there is a sitting area and a table, with the same panoramic view.  



EXCLUSIVE (On request)


Lic. No.: 00000757140

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