Your vacation in Paros will definitely be unforgettable. Due to the tourism development

vacation in paros

vacation in paros

vacation in paros

vacation in paros

vacation in paros

Your vacation in Paros will definitely be unforgettable. Due to the tourism development of Paros, our island covers a variety of tastes and styles. There is nothing you cannot do and there are things you can do which cannot be found on other islands. In this article we will suggest how your vacation in Paros should look like.


Although our island looks small comparing to other locations worldwide, 7 days of vacation in Paros should be your target. However, if you double that number of days, you will become the expert of Paros. If you think only about the number of beaches, you know that 7 days to visit the most famous are not enough. However, you will see the top five of them. Additionally, there are villages and locations which must not be missed. Take for example Antiparos Island and its cave.    

Swimming & Sunbathing

Your vacation in Paros should be “sea-oriented”; after all you are on an island! Our island features few amazing beaches, most of them consists of powdery sand. If you would like to visit just the most well-known, those are: Kolymbithres, Santa Maria, Small Santa Maria, Golden Beach, Molos, Monastiri, Martselo, Logaras. Each one of them is organized except Molos beach. This is a long sandy paradise on the east coast and the area is protected by Natura 2000 legislation. Molos is perfect for families with small children. However on the other beaches you will find beach bars and water sport centers.

In general, we suggest you rent a vehicle to drive around. It will be more comfortable and faster. You even could visit two beaches or villages in one day.


Dining is not just about the dishes but about the culinary experience. During your vacation in Paros, you will understand that dinner enjoyment is also about the location. It is quite different to eat seafood by the sea in a variety of locations in Paros. On the one hand you can be accompanied by sunset view, on the other by Naxos Island view. Of course, there is always the choice to enjoy lovely dinner among picturesque alleys. In our villas, our concierge service will suggest or book you a table in the top restaurants in Paros.


You are on vacation in Paros, one of the most exciting islands in Cyclades. Therefore you cannot miss participating in some activities. Let us start with the simple ones. First of all you can participate in a daily cruise on traditional caique boat around Antiparos. This is quite enjoyable as you swim in several locations and dinner is included. Due to the location of Paros, you can also take organize daily trip to other islands. Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos are the most popular. The second and easy choice is an island bus tour. There are varieties of choices as well. You can visit a traditional farm, archaeological attractions etc.

Now, little bit more extreme activities are water sports. On your vacation in Paros you can learn windsurfing, kite surfing or, if you already know how, rent equipment. We can organize a horseback riding adventure on your behalf or a tour on a speed boat. Additionally, diving lessons are available and provided by professionals who keep the highest standards of safety.  

No matter what your preferences are one thing is for certain; your vacation in Paros will be unforgettable. That is why so many travellers return to our island many times. However, it is not just about what Paros offers; it is mostly about the warm and joyful people.

vacation in paros

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