Paros holidays stay in the memory of every visitor. Therefore, if you are thinking

Paros Holidays

Paros Holidays

Paros Holidays

Paros Holidays

Paros holidays stay in the memory of every visitor. Therefore, if you are thinking about planning Paros holidays, you are in a good track for a unique experience. If you choose our island and one of our villas, you will create amazing memories. There will be many stories to tell to your friends and family back home.

Paros Holidays in High Season

Many travellers from around the world enjoy Paros Holidays during high season. Due to the fact that our island is popular, the definition of high season is becoming more and more extended. In fact, firs visitors are arriving in Paros during last week of April. Of course, we are referring to holiday travellers.

In high season, Paros Island is full of visitors, however not to the point of frustration like in other islands. There is still space for everyone to feel comfortable. Residents of Paros take pride of maintaining high level of tradition. That includes not only the hospitality and architecture but landscape as well. Traditional caique boats, recipes, fresh seafood and the atmosphere in general are like on a small island here. However, everything is combined with luxury accommodation and services.  

When being on Paros holidays, you will have the opportunity experience a large variety of activities. Our island is known for its perfect conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing. Therefore, usually from July till the end of September the sky between Paros and Antiparos is full with kites. Most of Paros visitors however prefer to participate in tours. Those could be private tours, bus tours, boat tours and etc.. Parian Collection has a large network of partners and we can arrange any experience on your behalf. During recent years, horseback riding has become quite popular as well.     

Paros Holiday in Middle Season

In the middle season you might enjoy Paros Holidays even more. That is due to the fact that everything is easier to book. Since during middle season our island welcomes fewer travellers than in high season, everything is less crowded; not that there are crowds everywhere in August.

Dinning is something that you should not worry about because all restaurants and taverns operate from May 1st. As for the end of the season, most shops, taverns etc. are open till the mid October.

As you can see, Paros Holidays is something that you have to experience at least twice in your life. Our people are kind and hospitable and that is why Paros attracts all kind for travellers. Families, groups of friends, water sport athletes, explorers; everyone is welcome here.     

Paros Holidays

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