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Is Paros expensive?

Is Paros expensive?

Is Paros expensive?

Is Paros expensive?

Is Paros expensive? This is a question that many travellers ask themselves before making the decision. In this article we will try to make things clear regarding “is Paros expensive”.
First of all you have to ask yourself what is expensive for you. Let’s say that you are a milliner (and we hope you are or one day you will become one!). In this case you will have a different definition of what is expensive and what is not.


Is Paros expensive regarding accommodation? The answer here is that you can find an accommodation at a large variety of rates. Of course you can consider one of our villas. If you are visiting Paros with your family or group of friends, a villa might suite you. That is because the price might be lower per person in our villa than in a simple room. However, if you prefer a hotel, there is a large variety of them. You can check our partners in Paros, members of Onar Hotels Collection.   


Is Paros expensive regarding dinning? The answer to this question is “yes” and “no” because Paros Island is a destination for everyone. You will find here prestigious restaurants as well as traditional taverns and places to enjoy souvlaki.

Let’s talk numbers, starting with less expensive meals. Additionally, in this point we would like to emphasize that numbers in this article are not standard. First of all, a simple souvlakia (gyros) costs less than 3€. Two of them are enough for an average man to be considerate as full meal. Regarding restaurants and taverns, prices vary. In a seafood tavern you will need about 25€/person, including beverages. However, if you will choose an expensive wine the price will be different. Additionally, the price might be higher if you order more expensive products. In prestigious and famous restaurants prices will be higher but justified.

Meat dishes are cheaper than seafood, not only in Paros but everywhere. Therefore, a portion of e.g. steak, which is accompanied by potatoes, cost about 15€. Because of the fact that Paros is an island for everyone, prices here are normal like on other Cycladic island. Additionally, we propose that you take a walk among alleys and look at the prices on the menu. The menu of every restaurant and tavern is presented at the entrance.

Car Rentals or Buses

There is no doubt that if you wish to explore all the amazing places of Paros with comfort, you will need your own mean of transport. Do not miss understand us, if you use just the bus, you will still see it all. However, to get to e.g. Molos beach without walking, you will need a car. So, is Paros expensive regarding car and scooter rental? The prices on our island are probably the same as on other islands. So, depending on the season, a simple car with manual transmission costs between 30€ and 60€. However a scooter costs between 20€ and 40€.   

We hope that our article presented you a better picture regarding the question if Paros Island is expensive.

Is Paros expensive?

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