See where and how to reach other islands near Paros.

Day trips from paros

Day trips from paros

Day trips from paros

Day trips from paros

Paros Island is situated in central Cyclades. Therefore, day trips from Paros are easy to organize. Regarding the organization of day trip from Paros, there are two things you can do. First of all, you can organize it by yourself or secondly you can leave it all to our concierge service.

Using our Concierge

Parian Collection features partners who specialize in day trips from Paros. Therefore, you will have a variety of choices. An organized trip from Paros to e.g. Naxos, Santorini, Mykonos, Koufonisi or Antiparos is your first choice. The second choice is a private trip.   

Starting with the first option, which is non-private trip, it is an organized adventure that features sightseeing as well as time for free exploration. A day trip from Paros to Mykonos for example is executed on a small ferry to Delos archaeological site initially and then it continues to Mykonos. However to Koufonisi, you will have a choice of a cruise on traditional caique boat with BBQ. This day trip from Paros includes stops in locations accessible only by boat. If you would be interested in non-private trips, we will send you a detailed schedule with all excursions.  

Now, a private day trip from Paros to other island is something you might consider if you rent one of our villas with your family or friends. Of course, a private daily cruise can be arranged also for 2 people. As the boat belongs to you for a day (traditional caique boat or modern boat), you can choose your destination. Of course, every destination must be approved by the captain as there is always a weather factor.    

Day Trips from Paros (by yourself)

Like we said before, the location of Paros is suitable for visiting other islands. You can take a trip on your own, using line ferries. It is less expensive than the above options however you should know that ferries might be full during high season. Due to this fact, it is wise to buy also a ticket for your return from Paros.

No matter which type of transportation you will choose, day trips from our island are unforgettable.    

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