Philosophy behind this beautiful structures on Cycladic Island.

cycladic houses

cycladic houses

cycladic houses

Cycladic houses consist without any dubbed the most iconic and picaresque structures in Mediterranean. When you see them back home somewhere online or at a commercial poster, you know immediately that it is a photo of Cyclades. Therefore, you should know that their color and architecture in general is not incidental. Since our Paros villas follow this traditional architecture of Cycladic houses, you should know few things about the philosophy. 

First of all, the color. It is easy to understand why white color dominates in Cyclades. Its ability to reflect helps to protect the interior and the inhabitants from the heat. Since the winter in the central Aegean Sea lasts about 3 months, heat was the main concern. Of course today there is air-conditioning however the traditions must continue.

Secondary, when visiting Paros or other island of Cycladic complex, you will notice that house windows are small. This is for two reasons; again to protect the interior from the heat and from the wind. Although winter is short in Cyclades, it gets windy and cold. Therefore, small windows are essential. The famous Cycladic chimney is a characteristic aspect of the local architecture as well. Today, a villa might have one fireplace but more chimneys for aesthetic.  

Interior of Cycladic Houses

In the past the resources in Cyclades were limited regarding both raw materials and craftsmen. Therefore, the interior of Cycladic houses was always simple and houses had box-like shape. Walls were quite thick not only to protect from the elements but also because the materials used for construction were simple. Additionally, wood as an essential building material of those times was hard to find in Cyclades.   

During the old days, the entrances and main windows were placed on the south side of Cycladic houses. Because of the need for natural light, that was a cleaver solution. Additionally there was an opening in the north wall. Due to northern winds, which occur in Aegean during summer, the opening had a role of ventilation.

Cycladic Houses in Village

Every visitor of Paros and of Cyclades in general is attracted by the charming narrow alleys. This type of architecture is not incidental too. In the past all inhabitants of Cycladic complex were threatened by pirates. Therefore, they developed a system of alleys which had a role of a labyrinth. That was confusing to the pirates and allowed people to escape. The secondary advantage of narrow alleys was a protection from the sun and wind.

As you can see, there is a simple yet practical philosophy behind Cycladic houses and villages in general. Hopefully, you will see it up close in one of our villas and houses.

cycladic houses

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