Are you planning to visit our island and staying in one

athens to paros

athens to paros

athens to paros

Athens to Paros

Are you planning to visit our island and staying in one of our villas, or maybe not? This article will help you organize your trip from Athens to Paros.

Athens to Paros

First of all, you should know that you can get from Athens to Paros by plane or by ferry. The trick here is to find out which is more suitable for you, as you arrive in Greece from your country.

Because of the fact that most of travellers arrive in Greece by plane, let’s start with “Athens to Paros” by plane case. This is quite easy as you simply need to change planes on Athens International Airport. Although time schedules we share in this article are just a suggestion, flights from Athens to Paros are frequent. During high season (July, August) there might even be 5 a day. However, it would be wise to choose a flight that arrives in Athens 2 hours before your departure to Paros. Of course, the same stands regarding the way back. You should land in Athens from Paros 2 hours before your flight back home. You don’t need to worry about your transfer from Paros airport to your villa. Just ask us and we will arrange it for you. Flight from Athens to Paros takes about 30 minutes.

Athens to Paros by Ferry

Getting from Athens to Paros by ferry, in reality is easier than it will be describe below.

First of all, if you arrive to Greece and Athens by car, you simply drive to Piraeus Port. You get on board the ship and in 4,5 hours you will arrive on Paros Island.   

Secondly, if you arrive in Greece by plane and wish to get to Piraeus Port, you have three options. The first one is by using a taxi or transfer service. Obviously it is more costly than the other options that we describe below. You should know that we can arrange taxi or a transfer service on your behalf.

To the Port by Bus

Another option is to get to Piraeus by bus. In our opinion, this is the most comfortable way as you take only one bus. Its number is X96 but don’t forget to ask again as this might change in the future. The ride takes little bit more than 60 minutes, depending on traffic of course. It is pleasant too because you will see on your left Athens Riviera. If you don’t know on which bus stop to disembark, you can ask the driver. When you disembark, pass through Piraeus Port gate and find the name of the ship.

To the Port by Train

Additionally, you might use the train to get from the airport to the port. Here as well, you have two options. First of all, you can take the train directly to Piraeus. It will have written on the board “Piraeus”. You can also ask which one is it. Additionally, you should know that there is one train every one hour.

The second choice is to take the metro from the airport to Monastiraki station and then change the line from Monastiraki to Piraeus. This is not that hard to do however out of all choices, we suggest the other described above.

Waiting for ferry from Athens to Paros

There is always a possibility that you will land at night in Athens and plan to take the ferry in the morning. If you have not booked an accommodation for the night, you will have to wait. If that is the case, we suggest you wait those few hours in the airport. It is so much more comfortable than waiting in Piraeus Port.

Ferry Schedule from Athens to Paros

Regardless, of what we describe in our article, you always must check timelines by yourself. Depending on what ship you will chose to travel from Athens to Paros, there are two “schedules”. The biggest number of ships to Paros is departing from Piraeus in the morning; usually between 6:30 and 8:00. It that does not suites you, you can take the evening one. However, everything depends on the season. Therefore, it is wise to book a ferry ticket at the same time you book the flight and accommodation. This way, you will not be stress out about getting from Athens to Paros.   

Getting to Paros from Other Islands

It is not unusual to book a flight to other island and then come to Paros. Many of our guests do that. You can book a flight to Santorini or Mykonos and then take a ferry to our island. Here as well, it is important to book ferry ticket in advance. If you thinking about island hopping, we propose you check our partner accommodation on other islands: Onar Hotels Collection.

We hope that our article about getting from Athens to Paros, although long, will be useful for you.    

athens to paros

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